The Definition and Significance of Vishti Karan in Hindu Astrology

Vishti Karan is an important aspect of Hindu Astrology that has been practiced for thousands of years. It is a term that refers to the inauspicious period that occurs during a certain time of the day when certain planetary configurations are present. In Sanskrit, Vishti means ‘obstacle’ or ‘hurdle’ and Karan means ’cause’ or ‘reason’, hence, Vishti Karan means the cause of obstacles.

According to Hindu astrology, every day is divided into 30 units of time, which are known as Karanas. Each Karana lasts for approximately 6 hours and is further divided into two halves. One half is considered to be auspicious, while the other half is considered inauspicious. Vishti Karan is the period during which the second half of a Karana is present.

In Hindu Astrology, the movement of planets and stars is believed to have a significant impact on human life. Astrologers use various tools and techniques to study these movements and predict the impact they may have on an individual’s life. The concept of Vishti Karan is one such tool that is used to determine an auspicious time for various activities.

During the Vishti Karan period, it is believed that any activity initiated will not yield the desired results, and may even lead to negative outcomes. This is why it is considered inauspicious to start any new projects, perform any important rituals, or undertake any major decisions during this period.

For example, if someone is planning to start a new business, it is advisable to avoid starting it during the Vishti Karan period. Similarly, if someone is planning to get married, it is recommended to avoid the Vishti Karan period.

Moreover, this period is also considered unfavorable for performing any religious ceremonies or rituals. It is believed that the energies during this period are not conducive to spiritual growth or the attainment of higher consciousness.

In conclusion, Vishti Karan is an important aspect of Hindu Astrology that holds significant importance in determining an auspicious time for various activities. It is believed that the Vishti Karan period is inauspicious and should be avoided for starting any new projects or making any major decisions. By understanding this concept, individuals can plan their activities in a more favorable time period and ensure a positive outcome.

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